Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Sculpture

This is a sculpture I made last week. I haven't done sculpture in years mostly because everything I sculpted in was so toxic and bad for the environment. But I found a new sculpting material that I can mix my self. It is peat moss, cement and pearlite, and Spanish moss. I formed a chicken wire form armature first and then formed the sculpture mixture on top of the wire. I really enjoyed using the natural materials. The smells and textures were fantastic, much better that fiberglass. This wall sculpture is about 3' tall by 15" wide. When I return home I plan on doing some 3-D pieces. I have an idea to incorporate circuit boards into the sculpture. I think it would be interesting to juxtapose technology artifacts with the primitive looking materials.


  1. ok this is almost creepy. i've been thinking 3D but wasn't sure about the material. is it something you mix yourself?
    LOVE IT!!